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How to administer Pipplet tests in person?

Do you already have a Pipplet account and you wish to make Pipplet tests in person on your premises, without sending the invitations by e-mail? You will find here the process to follow.

There is an exceptional process to administer the Pipplet test in-person, without sending any e-mail invitations. To send Pipplet tests by the standard process read this article.

1. Create a campaign
Create a campaign as it is described in the article below.

Create a campaign

However in the candidate addition form, instead of entering the candidate's e-mail, enter an e-mail address in the following format

Example: You are working in the company MyCompany and wish to create a test for John SMITH.
You will have to enter the following e-mail :

2. Launch the campaign
Click on the "Launch the campaign" button

3. Get the test access link
Wait a few seconds, then refresh the page.
The access codes appear, as shown here.

You can directly open them, or copy/paste them in a document to provide your candidates.

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