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How to administer Pipplet tests in person?

How to administer Pipplet tests in person?

Do you already have a Pipplet account and you wish to make Pipplet tests in person on your premises, without sending the invitations by e-mail? You will find here the process to follow.

There is an exceptional process to administer the Pipplet test in-person, without sending any e-mail invitations. To send Pipplet tests by the standard process read this article.

1. Create a campaign

Create a campaign as it is described in the article below.

Create a campaign

However in the candidate addition form, instead of entering the candidate's e-mail, enter an e-mail address in the following format

Example: You are working in the company MyCompany and wish to create a test for John SMITH.
You will have to enter the following e-mail :

2. Launch the campaign

Click on the "Launch the campaign" button

Wait a few seconds, then refresh the page.
The access codes appear, as shown here.

2 options are available:

If you have only one candidate, taking the test on your computer:
You can directly open the link.

If your candidates take the test on other computers:
Click on the arrow next to the name of the candidate, and take note of the "token" displayed.
Go to on the other computer and enter the token. The candidate will have access to their test directly.
You can also export a whole campaign to get a list of the tokens in an Excel format.

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Updated on: 12/17/2021

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