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How do I add my Pipplet Language Certificate to my LinkedIn Profile?

Certifications allow you to boost your resume and CV to showcase a set of your competencies for job recruiters. Now you can add your Pipplet language certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

Once you’ve passed your Pipplet test, download your Pipplet language certification and follow our 3-step guide to add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

Step-1 : Download your Pipplet Language Certificate
You can find your certificate in your email (example excerpt below)

Step-2 : Click the "Add to your profile" button from the Pipplet language test results email
An image like the one below will auto-populate on your screen
**Please note: If you do not have a LinkedIn account, you may be asked to create an account.

Step-3 : Complete the following fields of your LinkedIn “Add certification” form
You can copy and paste this information directly from your email (see image below)

or manually insert the information (see criteria below)

Certification name = Example: Pipplet English Certification (C2-)
*You can find your level directly on your certificate (see image below)

Issuing Organization = Pipplet

Issue Date = You can find your issue date directly on your certificate (see image below)
Your expiration date is 2 years from your certificate issue date
(ex. If your issue date is 02/25/2020, your expiration date will be 02/25/2022)

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