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Create your online administrator account

Creating your online admin account is a simple and easy process, and only requires a sign-up on Pipplet's website. Meet us here and click on "Go to Pipplet".

Credit your Pipplet account

You can buy test credits from your online dashboard and pay by card or bank transfer.

1 credit = 1 evaluation

Send an invitation to take the Pipplet test

Once your account is credited :

Create a test campaign
Chose the language you want to assess
Add your candidates to the campaign
Click on "Start a campaign"

Your candidates will receive an invitation to take the test. The e-mail will come from Pipplet and will mention your name. The e-mail will also contain a unique access link which permits them to take the test without appointment and from any computer. They will not have to log in or install any specific software.

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