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How to send an email invitation to your candidates to take the Pipplet test

How to send an email invitation to your candidates to take the Pipplet test

To begin sending tests to your learners or candidates, follow the Create a campaign steps:

Create a campaign

Click "Create a campaign", and then name your campaign. [Quick tip: Double-click on the campaign name to edit it at any time.]

Choose the test language. Click on the test language you'll need assessed. Click "confirm" to proceed to the next step.

Now choose the App language in which invitations will be sent to your candidate. This language is also the interface language and the tutorial language of the test

You can fill out the candidate required fields and click Add test taker. Only email addresses, names and surnames are mandatory.

NB : If you wish to import a list of candidates, read this article How to import a list of candidates?

NB : If you wish to administer Pipplet tests in person on your premises, and don't need to send invitations by e-mail, read the following article: How to administer Pipplet tests in person?

To launch your campaign

Click Send e-mail invitations
If you need to clear the list of test takers, click Clear list

If you need to modify an existing campaign in order to add new candidates, follow the next steps:

Add new candidates to an existing campaign

Click on the campaign
Fill out the required fields
Click "Add test-taker"
Click "Send e-mail invitations"

Optional: Before you send your e-mail invitations, you can customize them with our personal message feature. Provide additional instructions or leave a good luck message directly from the Pipplet dashboard. The message will appear at the top of the test invitation email.

Here’s how you can add your message to the email invitation:

Step 1: Click your name in the top right corner
Step 2: Click 'My Account'
Step 3: Scroll down to the 'Personalize message' section and insert your message

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Updated on: 09/19/2023

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