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How to send an invitation to take the Pipplet test

To start sending tests to your students or candidates, you only need to follow the following steps :

Create a campaign

Click on the button "Create a campaign", and then name your campaign to simplify your dashboard. Double click on the campaign name to edit it at any time.

Then choose the test language. Click on the language that you need to assess. Click on "confirm" to go to the next step.

Now that you have chosen the language, you can add your candidates to the campaign. Fill out the required fields. Only email addresses, names and surnames are mandatory. Click on "Add a test-taker".

Everything is ready to send the test invitations. Click on the "Send e-mail invitations" button.

NB : If you wish to administer Pipplet tests in person on your premises, without sending the invitations by e-mail. Read the following article : How to administer Pipplet tests in person?

Add new candidates to a campaign

Click on the campaign
Click then on the "Add test-takers" button
Fill out the required fields
Click on the "Send e-mail invitations" button

Access your Pipplet account here.

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