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What is the PayAsYouGo system?

What is the PayAsYouGo system?

In order to enrich our recurrent clients’ purchase value, Pipplet is launching ‘PayAsYouGo’ : purchase credits individually and pay a price calculated for your total annual purchases. A simple and efficient way to order language tests when you need them, and pay at a more attractive price point.

We sell our evaluation service in the form of ‘packs’ of credits. Following the classic business model, the bigger the pack, the better the price. Nevertheless, we had noticed that in several cases our clients had not necessarily known exactly how many test credits they would need at the time of purchasing.

Understandably, a client may not want to commit to purchasing one hundred tests at once, but by the end of twelve months they may well have reached a cumulative total of one hundred tests...while having paid at the higher price point.

With these companies in mind, PayAsYouGo arrives at Pipplet. Purchase according to the credits you want in a single pack, and pay for the annual total.

Imagine that you had ten graded tests per month. The first month you paid the price for a pack of ten credits, or 380 euros at 38 euros per test. Likewise for the second, third and fourth month. The fifth month, however, you reach a cumulative amount of 50 tests purchased and from then on are eligible to pay 35 euros per credit, regardless of how few credits you purchased in one order.

In this scenario, from the tenth month onwards, you achieve the price point of 30 euros per credit. Maintain an average consumption of 100 credits over the span of twelve months and you will remain at this price point for as long as you wish.

PayAsYouGo is officially available on the Pipplet website- go check it out!

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Updated on: 08/23/2022

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