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Subaccounts management

With Subaccounts Management, you can create and connect multiple accounts for your teams, providing seamless management and greater flexibility.

How it works ?

Create a Master Account: The central hub for managing all Subaccounts.

For existing customers with multiple accounts already, please contact so we can assist you with the set-up process.

Invite members as Subaccounts: Add as many team members as needed, at no additional cost. You can also copy the link and send it to them directly.

What are the benefits ?

Access to combined credits: Monitor total credits across all subaccounts.
Credit transfers: Easily transfer credits between accounts.
Data management: Retrieve and export data from all subaccounts.
Unified test pricing: All Accounts benefit from differential pricing based on global consumption. For example: if the Master Account purchases 100+ tests, all Subaccounts will unlock the 100+ price.

Subaccounts Management will enhance your Pipplet experience, providing control, convenience, and cost-effectiveness — at any scale.

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Updated on: 02/19/2024

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