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Stripe Identity Check

Stripe Identity for Enhanced Identity Verification

What is Stripe Identity?

Pipplet is integrated with Stripe Identity to enhance the security and integrity of language assessments. With Stripe Identity, Pipplet prevents, detects, and notifies administrators of impersonation attempts, ensuring that the person assigned to the test is the same one who starts and completes it.

How Does Stripe Identity Work?

Identity Verification at the Start of the Test
Test takers must present a valid photo ID and take three real-time selfies through their webcam or phone camera. Stripe Identity accepts more than 150 types of ID documents from over 100 countries, accommodating a broad spectrum of users globally.
This verifies that the person on the ID matches the person in the selfies. Additionally, it checks that the name on the ID corresponds with the test taker's registered name, ensuring the authenticity of the individual's identity.

Identity verification on the test-taker interface

Continuous Identity Verification During the Test:

To maintain test integrity, photos of the test taker are taken through their webcam at regular intervals throughout the test. The photos are compared with the initial selfies to verify that the person who started the test is the same one completing it.
This process occurs seamlessly and quietly in the background, without interrupting the test taker.

How do we handle mismatches and violations?

Face Mismatches:
Any discrepancy detected between the selfies and photos taken throughout the test triggers a security violation alert, invalidating the test and notifying the administrator.

Name Mismatches:
If the name on the test taker’s ID does not match the registered name, a warning will be displayed on the administrator's dashboard. This will not impact the test taker's experience when taking the test. Discrepancies between the name on the ID and the registered name may be due to the use of nicknames or Westernized names, but may in some cases detect attempts of intentional impersonation.

Name mismatch alert on the administrator dashboard

Reporting Violations:
Detailed notifications of any suspected cheating attempts, including the severity of the violation and its nature, are communicated to administrators via email and dashboard alerts.

Violations and Unusual Behavior displayed on the administrator dashboard

How can I activate Stripe Identity?

Stripe Identity is an optional, paid add-on available to all Pipplet users. It can be activated for your entire account then toggled on or off per test taker, via individual upload or bulk upload. For detailed pricing, please contact

Stripe Identity enhances Pipplet’s commitment to providing secure, reliable language assessments by ensuring that every test taker’s identity is verified, maintaining the high standard of integrity that our clients expect.

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Updated on: 03/25/2024

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