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Our new test for beginners: Pipplet Breakthrough

Our new test for beginners: Pipplet Breakthrough

Pipplet is a new type of language test based on free responses, emphasizing the importance of production. This format ensures that all candidates have the same test experience and their result is based on their ability to respond to the questions.

However in specific cases, such as for beginners in a language, the classic Pipplet test is not ideal. We are pleased to now be able to offer our clients Pipplet Breakthrough is a version of our existing test which is more adapted to new learners and false beginners.

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To test your level in a European language: Pipplet Breakthrough

The instructions in the Pipplet Breakthrough test have been simplified in order to make the test more accessible for beginners. The basic format of the test remains the same : free responses only.

Available languages: English, French, German, Spanish
Product type available: Pipplet FLEX

Updated on: 09/22/2022

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