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I have several candidates to evaluate at the same time, what should I do?

I have several candidates to evaluate at the same time, what should I do?

Are you a training center and must evaluate a group of trainees or a recruiter with various candidates to measure in one session?

The speaking portion of the Pipplet test is great, but it isn't practical to assess 20 candidates in the same room. What would you advise me to do?

Indeed, 20 candidates in one room speaking to answer the Pipplet questions could be bothersome.

2 solutions exist:

1. Use the flexibility of Pipplet

Do you really have to organize a test session?
Pipplet is an online service which is available 24h/7 and the test only lasts 30 minutes long.

You are a recruiter: Is it necessary to have all your candidates take the test in a room at once?
Invite them to take the test and receive the results within 24 hours ! Or have them take the test immediately following an interview, they will only need an extra 30 minutes!

You are a training center: Do you need to organize a test session? Your trainees can take the Pipplet certification in smaller groups directly after their training. It is possible to take the Pipplet test in-person at your facilities, and in only 30 minutes.
Save yourself the organisation of a session and some time !

2. Use headsets

It is possible to administer the Pipplet FLEX certification to a group of candidates by using headsets. This solution works for up to 10 people in the room.

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Updated on: 12/05/2018

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