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Can I request a re-evaluation ?

Can I Request Re-evaluation?

Suppose you’re seeking an extra layer of validation on the accuracy of a particular test taker’s results. Pipplet offers a re-evaluation service to address any doubts, provide clarity, and affirm the integrity of our assessment process.

Upon re-evaluation, the scores could increase, decrease, or stay the same.

Re-evaluation is available for human-evaluated tests i.e. Talent, Talent+, FLEX, and FLEX+. It is not available for AI-evaluated tests i.e. Talent AI.

How to Request Re-evaluation
Log in to your Pipplet dashboard and go to the Test Results page for the specific test taker.
Click Request Re-evaluation then confirm. You will receive a confirmation email of your request.
The results will be available within 72 hours. You will be notified via email and on the dashboard.

How Does Re-evaluation Work
Re-evaluation involves a fresh evaluation of the test taker’s written and spoken responses by a new set of examiners, who were not involved in the initial evaluation. To ensure that evaluations adhere to consistent grading standards, all examiners are trained on our standardized Examiner Guide based on the CEFR methodology and continuously monitored within a robust quality control and peer review system.

After receiving the re-evaluation grades from examiners, our linguistics team will then confirm if there is a difference between the initial results and the re-evaluated results. This determines the re-evaluation results.

Cost and Fees

Re-evaluation deducts 1 credit of the same test from your account. Should there be any change to the results, the credit will be refunded to your account.

We understand the importance of precise language assessment in your decision-making. Our re-evaluation service is an optional, extra layer of validation to give you the utmost confidence in the results.

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Updated on: 05/14/2024

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