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Are you adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation?

What is the GDPR?

The regulation of general data protection is the new data protection law of the European Union. The law governs the collection and treatment of personal data of Internet users and was signed into law on May 25th, 2018.

Does this concern you?

Do you use Pipplet to evaluate the foreign language skills of your candidates and employees? During the evaluation process, data is collected that concerns you or your candidates. Therefore it is important that you respect the GDPR requirements with regards to your candidates- this is of top priority for Pipplet.

The 6 Principles of GDPR

The GDPR defines 6 principles that assure data protection.


Every individual piece of data and application of said data must have an identifiable objective.


Only the pieces of data necessary to achieving the final objective are collected.


Once the end objective is reached, there is no need to conserve the collected data.


Every person is the individual proprietor of their data and has the right to access, modify and delete said data.


All security precautions must be active in order to protect users' data.

The data collection agents in Pipplet

The test administrator

The test admin sends test invitations to their candidates and receives their results.

The candidate

The candidate takes an assessment of their foreign language competencies.

The evaluator

The evaluator measures the candidates' language competencies using their responses to the test's questions.

The Data Protection Officer at Pipplet

Matthieu Herman: Mr. Herman supervises the ensemble of data collection as well as the interactions between data agents.

Finality and Pertinence

At Pipplet, the collected data has a precise objective: evaluating language skills. Only the data necessary to achieve this goal are collected and applied.


A candidate's personal data (name, surname, email address, audio recordings, results) are conserved for a maximum period of 24 months in order to allow access to said results to the test administrator.


Candidates' rights

The candidate can request access to or delete their personal data. They can also request modification of their personal data: their name, surname, email address. We can also, per request, provide all collected personal data pertaining to a candidate in an exportable format.

Test administrator rights

The test admin can request to delete or modify their concerned data.

Evaluator rights

The evaluator can request to delete or modify their concerned data.


All data utilized by Pipplet are stored in Europe. The transfer of information is protected by SSL technology.

In brief...

As a subcontractor of personal data, Pipplet has all protocol, guidelines and security measures in place in orger to conform to the GDPR. For any question or need for more information with regards to Pipplet's data protection measures, do not hesitate to contact us at

The general conditions of the Pipplet service are listed here:
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The general terms of use concerning candidates are found here:
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Here you can find our GDPR documentation:
GDPR documentation

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Updated on: 10/07/2022

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