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30 sec to understand what makes Pipplet different.

You may have a lot of questions about our assessment. We have compiled the 3 main values that makes Pipplet different, and why this is important to you.


Pipplet relies on experienced professional examiners to assess your test takers.

Indeed human examiners offer a level of precision and in-depth analysis that AI currently can’t replicate.

That's why we carefully recruit and select top language examiners to assess all Pipplet tests and monitor them regularly using mystery candidates to ensure fair, consistent and reliable results.

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Pipplet assesses language skills based on open answers.

Test takers answer questions as if they were communicating live.

Thanks to this process we can give you a reliable result a lot less quicker than with an MCQ-type language test. No need to ask dozens of yes/no questions. We really assess how well a person can write a professional email.

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Pipplet assesses your candidates with realistic scenarios.

Depending of your industry or the roles your are recruiting for, sets of questions are selected. These 7 to 10 exercices will give you a lot more information about the ability to complete tasks in the given language than any generic 2 hours long test would.

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Updated on: 04/25/2022

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