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Which Pipplet test to choose for recruitment?

Which Pipplet test to choose for recruitment?

You need to be sure that your future hires will be able to lead meetings and handle work interactions by phone or by email in a foreign language?

Pipplet Talent+: How does it work?

Use Pipplet Talent+ for a detailed report with individual grades for a wider range of criteria including pronunciation, spoken fluency, grammar, vocabulary and coherence & cohesion.
The Pipplet Talent+ assessment is an online test, which takes only takes 30 minutes and can be taken at any time without prior appointment. The assessment consists of 7 scenario-based questions, both oral and written. Results are communicated using the CEFR scale, which allows you to easily identify the precise level of your candidates on the scale of A1 to C2.

Trust Pipplet and our native language experts with the task of determining the precise language level of your candidate, and receive these results within 24 hours.
If you need to determine the language level of your candidate, entrust this mission to our native experts and receive the level of your candidate within 24 hours!*

Pipplet Talent: How does it work?

Do you need to be able to sort applications quickly and efficiently?

Use Pipplet Talent to screen your candidates and receive a report with grades for the main skills.
Pipplet's dedication to providing a test which is fully online, consisting of work-based scenarios and providing results within 24 hours means that we provide a simpler, more focused assessment that will save you time in your recruitment process.

Pipplet Talent will give you an overall grade for your candidates, as well as an oral and a written score, at a price that allows you to handle large volumes. The rest of the process is similar, the questions are the same, only the level of detail of the final report changes, to fit the needs of a pre-interview screening.

For both Talent and Talent+ assessments you can choose from a selection of tests levels, themes and difficulties depending on your candidate's profile e.g. standard, high level, customer service etc.

The "standard" test is suitable for testing proficiency in the workplace and professional contexts in general. It is available in all languages.
The "consulting" test is particularly suitable for testing advanced candidates, from B2 to C2. It is currently only available in French and English. It is mainly used in the consulting industry.
The "customer service" test is tailored to the technology and gaming industries, with a focus on the ability to fulfill common customer support functions.
The written communication for customer service is tailored to test written skills for customer support functions.

Depending on your choice of Talent or Talent+, you will get a simple or detailed assessment report.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues:

Pipplet - The new standard for language assessment for companies
100% online - Spoken/Written skills - Results in 24 hours - CEFR European Standard - Check our reviews on Trustpilot

Updated on: 06/28/2023

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