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Candidates: Everything to know before taking the Pipplet Test

You will find in this article everything you need to prepare your exam:

What is the Pipplet test?
What should I prepare before taking the Pipplet test?
How should I answer the Pipplet test questions?
How will I be evaluated?
When and how will I receive my results?
European Language Passport
Take a practice test

What is the Pipplet test?

Pipplet Test
Pipplet is an online language evaluation service. It evaluates your professional language skills, both oral and written.

The test, via your computer, will present you with scenario-based questions.

The test lasts about thirty minutes.
Some of the test’s questions will require you to answer by speaking out loud. The remaining questions will require you to type using your keyboard (make sure that your keyboard allows you to successfully write in the letters and characters necessary in the given language).

All of the questions are timed and presented in an open-response format (no multiple-choice).

What should I prepare before taking the Pipplet test?

To take the test you will need:

A computer with the latest update of either Chrome or Firefox.
Ideally, a headset equipped with a functioning microphone or a computer equipped with a functioning microphone and loudspeakers.
A keyboard allowing you to type in all characters pertinent to the given language (pay special attention to accents, cedillas and other characters that may be specific to a given language)
A strong and reliable Internet connection
A quiet location where you can have thirty minutes, undisturbed, to take the test

We recommend spending time practicing speaking and writing in the given language before taking the test, especially if you have not used the language recently. This way, you can take the test comfortably and take full advantage of the allotted test-taking time.

How should I answer the Pipplet test questions?

Pipplet differs from typical multiple-choice tests.
The test’s questions are presented in an open-response format, meaning the questions will allow you to respond freely, both orally and in writing. Your responses will then be evaluated by expert language teachers.

We recommend that you:

Plan out your oral responses before recording in order to better achieve responses that are fluid and well-structured.
Respond in as much detail as possible. The more developed your responses, the better the evaluator will have an understanding of your language skills.
Structure your responses well. The coherence of your answers will be taken into consideration as part of the evaluation.
Re-read before moving on to the next question. Keeping in mind that each question is timed, we recommend saving the final thirty seconds to read over your response.

How will I be evaluated?

Your responses will be saved at the end of the test and sent to one of our expert language examiners. The examiner will listen to and read your responses and evaluate them according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Your examiner will assess your responses paying special attention to:

your pronunciation
your ease and fluidity in speaking
the coherence and cohesiveness of your responses
your grammar and vocabulary

When and how will I receive my results?

Your results will be provided to the enterprise that prompted you to take the test. The results are sent via email in the format of the example certificate shown below, according to the CEFR. The company or organisation which sent you the test will also have access to your productions.

Your certificate explains, in detail, your oral and written language competences.

Once the given enterprise receives your test results, their decision to share the results with you remains at their discretion.

Example of certificate

European Language Passport

If you receive your individual test results, put them to good use and integrate them in the European Language Passport!
The Language Passport service is free and organized by the European Union. It is an official European document recognized in 34 countries, which presents clearly and in detail your levels in language competences, including your diplomas and certificates. The Language Passport can be applied to your CV Europass, and can thus be included in your Curriculum Vitae.

Take a practice test

Use the link provided below to take a practice test!

The practice test will allow you to become familiarized with the test interface, but your responses will not be evaluated as part of the test you are prompted to take.

If you were asked to take the test as part of a recruitment, use this practice test.

If you were asked to take the test as part of a training, use this practice test.

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Updated on: 09/01/2023

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