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How to type in accented letters when you don’t have them on your keyboard?

How to type in accented letters when you don’t have them on your keyboard?

To take the Pipplet test you may need to type specific characters that are not on your keyboard.

For example: You have a French Keyboard and need to enter a Spanish ñ.

An easy solution to overcome this issue is to display a “virtual keyboard” on your screen in which all the required characters will be available.

The accents don't significantly impact the Pipplet evaluation, however, if you don't have accents on your physical keyboard other solutions exist.

Below are instructions to display a virtual keyboard of the correct language on your computer.

Instructions are available for Windows and Mac OS.

You have a Latin alphabet keyboard but the accents are missing :

Windows 10

You can use the accents and special characters under Windows by using the "virtual keyboard".

To display it, right-click on the taskbar below, click on "Toolbar" and then on "Touch Keyboard". You will then be able to display the keyboard by clicking on the keyboard icon which displays on the bar in the bottom-right.

To use an accent, hold down your mouse on the letter. Various accent variations will appear, allowing you to select the right accent.


For Mac, hold down your mouse over the given letter.
For example: If you have an American keyboard and you want to type "é", follow these simple steps. Maintain the letter "e" selected for a few seconds. Several accent variations appear. You can now click on the right accent.

Your keyboard doesn't use the same alphabet as that of the language assessed:

Please follow these instructions.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. You can contact us by chat, by clicking on the bottom right icon or by e-mail at :

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Updated on: 11/17/2020

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