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What are the differences between Pipplet and Pipplet FLEX?

Pipplet changes its name and becomes the FLEX Fluency Exam

This name change only applies to language training centers. FLEX does not apply to recruiters!

Pipplet is currently known as a language skills certification in a training context. It was therefore necessary to distinguish between the Pipplet test and the Pipplet language certification.

For this reason, Pipplet changed the name of its language certification and is now referred to as the FLEX Fluency Exam.

No need to panic! Only the name has changed

The Pipplet certification is now administered under the name of FLEX. Our various training centers that are partners of Pipplet will therefore administer the FLEX certification to their trainees.

What is a « Fluency Exam »?

The name, FLEX (FL)uency (EX)am, is anything but random. Here at Pipplet we reflect a lot upon the names of our services in order to make sure they are coherent to the language evaluation solutions we offer.

FLEX differs from typical language certifications through its use of an open-response format, without any multiple-choice question. We base our exams off the principle that the essence of mastering a foreign language is to be able to communicate- to understand and express one's ideas, both in speaking and writing. These are not skills that can be measured by a multiple-choice format exam.

This is why FLEX perfectly encompasses our language assessment ideal: a (FL)uency (EX)am is a test that measures the capacity to master a language in oral and written contexts.

What are the differences between Pipplet and FLEX, in practice?

For candidates, nothing changes. The function and format of the test remains the same.
For training centers, only the name and logo of the exam changes. THe simple and efficient online format remains the same.

Do I administer the Pipplet test or FLEX?

Would you like to provide a CPF-elegible certification of language skills for your trainees? Use Pipplet FLEX.
Would you like to assess language skills for uniquely placement or evaluation purposes? Send the classic Pipplet test.

Thanks to Pipplet, training centers will finally be able to assure a thorough and accurate measurement of their trainees' language skills, with complete and verified certificates.

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